Waterproof Solar Micro Inverter 1400W Grid Tie MPPT Pure Sine Wave DC to AC 110V


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Color: Silver.?
Material: Aluminium Alloy.?
Power: 1400W.?
Voltage: 110V.?
Plug Type: US Standard.?
Maximum Input DC Voltage: 54V.?
Peak Power Tracking Voltage: 22-45V.?
Operating Voltage Range: 17-50V.?
Min/Max Start-up Voltage: 22-50V.?
Maximum DC Short Circuit Current: 80A.?
Maximum Input Operating Current: 58A.?
Output Peak Power: 1400watt.?
Rated Output Power: 1350watt.?
Rated Output Current: 12.8A.?
Rated Voltage Range: 80-160VAC.?
Rated Frequency Range: 57-62.5Hz.?
Power Factor: ??99??.?
Number of Circuit Connections Per String: 3.?
Static MPPT Efficiency: 99.5%.?
Maximum Output Efficiency: 91.2%.?
Night Time Power Loss: <1W.?
Total Flow Distortion: <5%.?
Operating Temperature Range: ??40??~60??/??40?H~140?H.?
Waterproof?Rating: IP65.?
Cooling Method: Self-cooling.?
Communication Mode: Power Line Carrier.?
Power Transmission Mode: Reverse Transmission, Load Priority.?
Gross Weight: 4.2kg/9.26lbs.?
Net Weight: 3kg/6.61lbs.?
Product Size: 21*37.4*4cm/8.27*14.72*1.57inch.?
Package Size: 48*35*12cm/18.9*13.78*4.72inch.?
An inverter can efficiently turn the direct current generated by solar panels into the alternating current used by household appliances. This microinverter makes it easier. Made of fine aluminum alloy, this IP65?waterproof inverter has a wide range of functions, good safety, convenient installation, and high-cost performance. We believe this inverter will not disappoint you.?
Key Features:?
Premium?Material:?The inverter is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and not easy to rust. You can use it for a long time without frequent replacement, and your cost can be saved.?
High Efficiency: The product adopts a unique circuit design, imported industrial electronic components, isolated high-frequency transformer, and unique MPPT technology, with efficiency greater than 99%, so it can achieve sensitive response and more stable maximum power point locking.?
Digital Control:?The inverter adopts intelligent soft switching technology, high-frequency switching power supply technology, and 32-bit DSP full digital SPWM control technology, making the product strong anti-interference ability, fast operation speed, high intelligence, and a powerful functional system, which can meet the needs of users.?
Electrical Isolation:?The output and input of the system are completely electrically isolated, the insulation performance of the entire power distribution system is good, and the fully isolated booster circuit is safer and more reliable.?
Good Heat Dissipation Effect:?The product adopts a self-cooling system and is designed with heat dissipation holes, which can timely reduce the temperature during operation, reduce potential safety hazards and extend the applicable life of the product.?
Safety Guard:?The inverter has six protection functions: over-temperature protection, under-voltage alarm, under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, etc. Besides, the IP65 waterproof?design can prevent rain from eroding its surface, so you can use it with confidence.?
Easy Maintenance: After the installation of the power station, you don’t need to do maintenance work. After a long period of use, you only need to remove the dust from the photovoltaic panel.?
Small Footprint:?With a size of 8.27*1.57*14.72inch, the inverter adopts high-frequency telephone, micro processing, and other technologies, so it is smaller, lighter, and won??t occupy too much space.?
Flexible Installation Mode:?During installation, you can stack multiple inverters at will, form a single-phase parallel stacking system, or conveniently form a three-phase system to provide a three-phase AC. At the same time, we also provide a detailed manual and various accessories. You just need to follow the steps to install them.?
Package Included:?
1* Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter.?
1* Power Cord.?
2* Manuals(English+Chinese).?
1* Warranty Card

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