Solar Micro Inverter 1600W Grid Tie MPPT Pure Sine Wave DC to AC 230V Waterproof

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Current Output:60-69 A.
System Configuration:Grid-Tie.
Power Source:Solar.
Voltage:200-299 VAC.
Wattage:1500-1999 W.
Power:1401-1600 W.
Solar Micro Inverter 1600W Grid Tie MPPT Pure Sine Wave DC to AC 230V Waterproof.

The fifth generation WVC series communication products of us, adopt waterproof flow line design, which can provide better heat dissipation function for the equipment. The built-in maximum power point tracking engine (MPPT) can better capture changes in lighting, and it can work even in rainy weather. It can maximize the capture and collection of sunlight. The inverter is compatible with a variety of conventional solar panels with an open circuit voltage of 22~60V, and the panel can exert its best performance through technical means.
The power output mode of us Micro-Inverter is reverse transmission technology, which supplies power to the load first, and then uploads the excess power to the local power grid. Its conversion efficiency is as high as 95%. The product has multiple national invention and appearance patents , And has CE, CEC, INMETOR and other regional and national product certification.

Maximum power point tracking.
Adaptive voltage/frequency.
App monitoring system.
Teverse power transmission.
Internal high precision meter.
Forward full-bridge topology.
I/O,fully isolated.
Voltage mode microgrid.
No installation,no maintenance.
Multiple parallel stacks.
5G lot platform management

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