Solar Grid Tied Micro Inverter Mppt Dc to Ac 110v-230v Output for solar Panels, Auto Recognition and Ip65 Waterproof


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Excellent PerformanceSolar inverter features the MPPT function to keep tracking the maximum power point to charge the battery with the maximum power. When the inverter is in grid-connected output mode, the power is transmitted in the opposite direction, automatically detecting the circuit’s load.
Flexible InstallationIn order to satisfy higher power requirements, the solar microinverter Support multiple parallel stacking, global voltage/frequency selfadaptation, and the number of stacks is unlimited, which can form a single-phase parallel stack system. After the power station is installed, there is almost no need to do maintenance work.
Fully Security ProtectionsSolar grid tie micro inverter is equipped with IP65 waterproof to prevent raindrops from entering completely, and aluminum alloy shell can effectively prevent rain erosion on the surface. Input and output are completely isolated for power consumption, which is safer and more reliable. Multiple intelligent security protections ensure the inverter to be fully protected in the process of use.
Intelligent MonitoringMicro inverter, supports 110/230V automatic recognition of AC voltage, adaptive voltage/frequency. Using selfcooling heat dissipation method, long service life, with mobile phone APP monitoring, more worryfree.The inverter can collect real-time data with intelligent monitoring system.
Safe to useBuilt-in high-precision electricity meter with voltage type induction microgrid mode can accurately measure data and input completely isolated power, which will protect and extend the life of your electronic products and appliances, more safe and reliable.

Maximum input power: 2000W.
Maximum input power 4*625Watt.
Maximum input power: 2400W.
Maximum input power 4*750Watt.
Maximum input power: 2800W.
Maximum input power 4*875Watt.
Product use: solar power generation equipment.

Weight: 3.18kg.
Product size: 370x300x41.6mm.
Automatic identification of output voltage mode 120/230V
Solar panel open circuit voltage range 30-60Voc.
Peak power tracking voltage 22-60V.
Maximum/maximum startup voltage 22-60V.
Rated voltage range 85-160V185-265V.
Rated frequency range 47~52/57~62Hz 47~52/57~62Hz.
2 units (single-phase) 4 units (single-phase) connected per string.
Static MPPT efficiency 99.5%.
Maximum output efficiency 95%.
Night power loss is less than 0.5W.
Total harmonic distortion less than 5%.
Appearance and technical features.
Operating temperature range -20to +50.
Waterproof class Ip65Nema4x.
Cooling method Self-cooling.
Communication mode 433MHz/WiFi/IoT.

Package List:
1 x Micro Inverter.
1 x English Manual.
1 x Accessory Kit (Screw, Nut)

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