Outdoor Wall Lights with Remote Control Human Body Infrared Solar Street Lights Stake Waterproof Decor Outdoor


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Easy to install, just fix the product with screws on the wall. 
Solar-powered can be, solar outdoor lights, using the sun’s energy to provide you with night lighting. 
Turn on the switch in the daytime light is not bright, only in the dark to turn on the switch, when the sensor detects the human body can get high brightness light. 
IP65 waterproof, heat-resistant solar lights, adaptable to most kinds of weather. 
Solar outdoor lights illuminate your garden, patio, aisle, porch, yard or driveway, etc. 
The solar panel is not fixed design, the wire length is 5 meters, and it can be placed at any location where you want to have sunlight to charge the lamp more fully; 
Mode: A (LED), B (COB), C (LED + Remote Control), D (COB + Remote Control). 
Light size: 115x110mm (plus bracket height 140mm). 
Solar panel size: 100x80mm. 
Material: plastic. 
Color: black. 
Solar panel: high quality polycrystalline silicon, 5.5V 1W . 
Power consumption: 1.5 W. 
Function: human body sensor + remote control. 
Lumen: 1000lm. 
Sensing distance: 5 m -8 m. 
Working time: 6 hours of charging during the day, more than 10 hours of work at night. 
Installation: punch a hole in the wall. 
Battery: built-in 18650 lithium battery 3.7V 1800mAh. 
Charging method: solar panel automatic charging. 
3 Working Mode:
1. Induction mode at night, people come and light, people go slightly bright. 
2. Light control: lighting at night, no lighting during the day. 
3. Day and night can always be bright and strong light, without human body sensing. 

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