Micro Inverter 2400W Wi?Fi Micro Inverter 120/230V MPPT Solar Photovoltaic Power System IP65 Waterproof, 14.6×11.8×1.6in


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Wi?Fi micro?inverter, supports high?speed maximum power point tracking (MPPT).?
Built?in high?accuracy electric meter, input and output are completely isolated, making electricity safer.?
Multiple units are stacked in parallel, reverse power transmission, and global voltage/frequency adaptation.?
High?accuracy voltage?type induction microgrid mode, supporting 5G IoT platform data management.?
Intelligent phone APP monitoring system, forward full?bridge topology high?frequency modulation and grid?connected mode.?
Item Type: Micro Inverter.?
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Electronic Components.?
Weight: Approx. 4170g / 147.1oz. .?
Product Size: Approx. 370x300x41.6mm / 14.6×11.8×1.6in.?
Model: WVC-2400.?
Recommended Components: 4x750W.?
Output Voltage Mode: 120/230V automatic adaptation.?
Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage Range: 30-54V.?
Peak Power Tracking Voltage: 22-60V.?
Min/Max Starting Voltage: 22-60V.?
Maximum DC Short Circuit Current: 4x28A.?
Maximum Input Working Current: 4x23A.?
Output Parameters At: 120VAt 230V.?
Peak Output Power: 2600W2600W.?
Rated Output Power: 2400W2400W.?
Rated Output Current: 20A10.5A.?
Rated Voltage Range: 80-160V AC180-280V AC.?
Rated Frequency Range: 48-51Hz/58-61Hz48-51Hz/58-61Hz.?
Power Factor: >95%.?
Number of units connected to each circuits2 sets (single phase)4 sets (single phase).?
Output Efficiency At 120V, At 230V.?
Static MPPT Efficiency: 99.50%.
Maximum Output Efficiency: 95%.?
Power Loss at Night: <0.5W.?
Total Harmonic Distortion: <5%.?
Package List:?
1 x Micro Inverter.?
1 x Connection Line.?
1 x English Manual.?
2 x Accessory Kit (4 x Screw, 4 x Nut, 8 x Other Accessory).?
1 x Antenna Accessory

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