Grid Related Solar Inverter, 1400W IP65 Waterproof WiFi Monitoring 110/220V Output, Electric Auxiliary Micro Inverter

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[1400 W grid inverter]— The new R3 smart inverter integrates monitoring, measurement and communication and has a dedicated client application. One-key operation can help us know electricity, power, efficiency and income, and control my “smart power plant” anytime, anywhere. Excellent performance and complete accessories, easy to install and remove. WVC1400 Solar Power System Inverter 110/220V Household Water.
[Excellent performance]— WVC1400-WiFi smart network connected inverter adopts IP65 waterproof and streamlined appearance, built-in high-performance maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function, WIFI IoT smartphone app monitoring system, high-frequency network connection new generation of smart inverters connected to grids with comprehensive functions, one of the inverter products with high cost efficiency and intelligent power generation connected cated Line for Overweight).
[Easy to operate]— Built-in MPPT tracking function has an accuracy of up to 99.9%, which can effectively collect sunlight and control different output power. Solar inverter can recognize global voltage automatically under WIFI IoT monitoring mode. Only connect solar panels. Install the inverter according to the instructions.
[Cooling system]— The cooling method adopts natural convection and no fan, so that the product does not overheat during operation. The product has the functions of insular protection, overvoltage and undervoltage, overfrequency and underfrequency, overheating, power failure detection and protection functions. rproof IP65 Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter 1400W (Dedi
[Note]— Please install the inverter in a place with low humidity and good ventilation to avoid overheating of the inverter and remove surrounding flammable and explosive materials. Non-professionals do not disassemble the machine, only qualified maintenance personnel can repair this product.

Item Type: Solar Inverter Model: WVC1400.
Circuit topology: push-pull.
The waveform of the output voltage: sine wave.
Maximum input power: 1400 W.
Input voltage mode: automatically switch according to the local grid voltage 110/220V.
Solar panel open circuit voltage range: 36-50 VOC.
Peak power tracking voltage: 22-50V.
Min./max. starting voltage: 22-50 V.
Maximum DC short-circuit current: 93A.
Maximum input working current: 63A.
Peak Output Power: 1400 W.
Rated Output Power: 1400 W.
Rated output current: at 110 V: 11.6 A; at 220 V: 6 A.
Rated voltage range: At 110V: 80-160VAC; At 220V: 180-280VAC (AC220V 110V auto identification output).
Rated frequency range: 48-51Hz/58-61Hz.
Power Factor:> 99%.
Number of circuit connections per string: At 110V: 3 units (single phase) At 220V: 5 units (single phase) Static MPPT efficiency: 99.5%.
Maximum output efficiency: 97%.

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