700W Solar Micro Inverter Grid Tie MPPT Pure Sine Wave DC to AC 110V Waterproof


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Material: Aluminum Alloy.?
Color: Silver.?
Plug: US Standard.?
Voltage: 110V.?
Maximum Input Power: 2 ?? 350W.?
Recommended Solar Panel: Power 2 ?? 350W, Open Circuit Voltage 30-50V.?
Maximum Input DC Voltage: 54V.?
Peak Power Tracking Voltage: 22-45V.?
Operating Voltage Range: 17-50V.?
Minimum/Maximum Starting Voltage: 22-50V.?
Maximum DC Short Circuit Current: 40A.?
Maximum Input Working Current: 30A.?
Output Voltage: 120V.?
Output Peak Power: 700W.?
Rated Output Power: 650Watt.?
Rated Output Current: 6.36A.?
Rated Voltage Range: 80-160VAC.?
Rated Frequency Range: ?57-62.5Hz.?
Power factor:?>99%.?
Number of Connections Per Series Circuit: 6 (Single-phase).?
Output Efficiency: 120V.?
Static MPPT Efficiency: 99.5%.?
Maximum Output Efficiency: 91.2%.?
Power Loss at Night: <1W.?
Total Wave Distortion: <5%.?
Operating Temperature Range: – 40 ?? to+60 ??.?
Waterproof?Grade: IP65.?
Heat Dissipation Mode: Self Cooling.?
Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN50081.Part1 EN50082.Part1.?
Power Grid Disturbance: EN61000-3-2 Safety Regulation EN62109.?
Grid Detection: DIN VDE 1026 UL1741.?
Gross Weight: 2.45kg/5.4lbs.?
Net Weight: 1.8kg/3.96lbs.?
Package Size: 34*24*11.5cm/13.38*9.44*4.52in.?
Product Size: 21.3*5.8*25cm/8.39*2.28*9.84in.?
Powerful MPPT Algorithm: The product’s built-in MPPT (Max. Power Point Tracking) optimizes power collection from the solar panel and precisely captures and locks the maximum output power point to significantly increase power generation to more than 25%.?
Reverse Power Transmission: The 99.9% efficient reverse power transmission technology transmits the power in the reverse direction in grid-connected output mode while automatically detecting the load in the circuit and prioritizing its use, which greatly improves transmission efficiency.?
Pure Positive Sine Wave: The product uses SPWM to directly generate a pure positive sine wave with good waveform, low distortion, and low noise to make the radio and other communication devices feel better.?
High Efficiency?and?Anti-interference: The inverter dial fast using high-frequency switching power supply technology and 32-bit DSP fully digital SPWM control technology provides the product with excellent anti-interference?capability, high-speed computing capability, and intelligence.?
Grid-connected and Off-grid Stacking Mode: Inverters can be stacked in parallel with any number of units for both grid-connected and off-grid use. After the main monitoring system sends the main control signal the inverter receives the main control signal for synchronous output.?
High Safety: The whole power distribution system is well insulated and the output of the system is completely electrically isolated from the input, which makes the use safer and more reliable. Over-temperature protection, under-voltage alarm, under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and overload protection protect the safety of use in all aspects.?
Flexible Installation: Multiple inverters can be stacked arbitrarily, forming a single-phase parallel stacking system or a three-phase system to provide three-phase AC power conveniently. Flexible installation allows for a wider range of applications.?
Easy Maintenance: The power station only needs to clean the?dust on the PV panel regularly after installation, which makes it very convenient and quick.?
Compact and Lightweight: The upgraded miniature design makes the product size only 8.39*2.28*9.84 inches and net weight only 3.96 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and install.?
High-quality Material: The solar inverter is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is very strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant?to be able to serve you for a long time.?
Excellent Waterproof?Performance: High-quality material and stable structure bring the product IP65 excellent waterproof?performance so that it can effectively group the influence of dust?and water, and can operate stably outdoors.?
Customer Service:?We aim to provide quality products and services. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.?
Package Included:?
1*Solar Inverter.?
1*AC Connection Cable.?
1*User Manual.?
1*English User Notes Manual

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