600W MPPT WIFI Solar PV Grid Tie Micro Inverter DC to AC Waterproof IP65

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By converting the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current for domestic appliances, the inverter provides an environmentally friendly and economical source of continuous energy. The high-quality aluminum housing provides a high level of protection, ensuring stable operation and long service life. Its powerful performance and high safety level make it the ideal choice for most homes.

6-stage Power Search: The inverter automatically switches on the 6-stage power search function when the output current of the solar cells is extremely low on cloudy days, enabling a constant, stable and efficient power output at low power levels, which greatly increases the power generation capacity of the system.
Direct Use:It uses solar power directly, so you can simply connect the solar panels directly to the grid-connected inverter to get AC power without having to connect the batteries, which is convenient and energy efficient.
High Performance:It has a powerful MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm and APL function to optimize the power collection from the solar panels while making the output power more stable. It accurately captures and locks in the maximum output power point even under fluctuations in current intensity, resulting in a significant increase in power generation to greater than 25%.
Multiple Protection Functions: It provides six protection functions, over temperature protection, under voltage alarm, under voltage protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and overload protection functions, so you can use it with confidence.
Reliable Circuit System:The product has a constant current and output power, and features galvanic isolation technology to provide a fully isolated boost circuit, making the circuit safe and reliable. In addition, the output is automatically switched off when there is an obstruction in the main network.
Stackable Installation: To achieve higher power requirements, it allows multiple inverters to be stacked at will to form a single-phase parallel stacking system, or it can be easily formed into a three-phase system to provide three-phase AC power.
Digital Control:It adopts 32-bit DSP fully digital SPWM control technology, featuring strong anti-interference capability, fast computing speed and high intelligence to improve control accuracy and output waveform quality.
GoodWaterproof Performance:The precise interface and sealed aluminum alloy housing meet the IP65 waterproof rating, which can effectively prevent rainwater from eroding the surface, making it more inclusive to the installation environment.
Simple Maintenance&Installation: It can be directly installed on the back of the module or the bracket. After installation, it is easy to maintain. You only need to remove the dust after a long time.
Robust and Durable: The housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is robust, wear-resistant, rust-proof and impact-resistant, effectively protecting the internal components and extending their service life.
Reverse Power Transmission: The power is transmitted in the reverse direction when in grid-connected output mode, automatically detecting the load in the circuit and giving priority to its use, making the output more efficient in photovoltaic power generation application systems.
Customer Service:We aim to provide quality products and services. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Material: Aluminum Alloy.
Color: Silver.
Power Source: Solar Powered.
Maximum Input Power: 600Watt.
Recommend the Use of PV Modules: 2x300W & Vmp>30V & Voc<50V.
Maximum Input DC Voltage: 54V.
Peak Power Tracking Voltage: 22-45V.
Operating Voltage Range: 17- 50V.
Min/Max Starting Voltage: 22- 50V.
Maximum DC Short-circuit: 40A.
Maximum Input Operating Current: 27.2A.
Peak Power Output: 600Watt.
Rated Output Power: 550Watt.
Rated Output Current: 2.39A.
Rated Voltage Range: 180-260VAC.
Rated Frequency Range: 47-52.5Hz.
Power Factor: >99%.
Max Unit Per Branch Circuit: 12pcs (Single-phase).
Output Efficiency: @230V.
Static MPPT Efficiency: 99.5%.
Night Time Power Consumption: < 1W.
THD: < 5%.
Ambient Temperature Range: -40C to + 60C.
WaterproofRating: IP65.
Cooling: Self-cooling.
Packing Size: 32*22*9.5cm/12.59*8.66*3.74in.
Product Size: 21.3*5.8*25cm/8.39*2.28*9.84in.
Gross Weight: 2.45kg/5.4lbs.
Net Weight: 1.6kg/3.52lbs.

Package Included:
1* Micro Inverter.
1* AC Connection Cable.
1* English User Notice Manual.
1* Chinese English Integrated Instruction

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