1600W MPPT Grid Tie Micro Inverter 230V Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2.4g Wireless

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1. Micro inverter, supports 120/230V automatic AC voltage detection, adaptive voltage/frequency.
2. Maximum power point tracking, reverse power transmission, stable performance.
3. High accuracy internal instrument, with APP monitoring system, easy to install and use.
4. Solar inverter, with good water resistance, and is an excellent photovoltaic power generation system.
5. Using high quality aluminum alloy + electronic components materials, no installation, no maintenanceItem Type: Micro Inverter.

Material: aluminum alloy + electronic components.
Maximum input power: 1600W.
Product use: solar power generation equipment.
Applicable scenarios: solar power generation system (roof, outdoor).
Product Size: Approx. 370 x 300 x 41.6mm / 14.6 x 11.8 x 1.6in.
Output Voltage Mode 120/230V automatic AC voltage detection.
Solar panel open circuit voltage range 30-60VOC.
Power Tracking Voltage 22-60V.
Minimum/maximum starting voltage 22-60V.
Maximum DC short circuit current 72.7A.
Maximum input working current 61.5A.
Output parameters At 120V At 230V.
Peak output power 1600Watt 1600Watt.
Rated power 1550Watt 1550Watt.
Rated output current 13.3A 6.95A.
Rated voltage range 80-160VAC 180-280VAC.
Nominal frequency range 48-51Hz/58-61Hz 48-51Hz/58-61Hz.
Power Factor >95% >95%.
Number of connected units per string 3 sets (single phase) 6 sets (single phase).
Output Efficiency At 120V At 230V.
Static MPPT efficiency 99.50% 99.50%.
Maximum power efficiency 95% 95%.
Power failure at night <0.5W <0.5W.
Total Harmonic Distortion <5% <5%.
Appearance and technical characteristics.
Working temperature range -40 – +65.
Waterproof level IP65 NEMA3R.
Cooling method self-cooling.
Communication mode 433MHz/WLAN.
Power transmission mode reverse transmission, use load priority.
Monitoring System Mobile APP, Browser.
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN61000-6-1:2007 EN6100-6-3:2007+A1:2011+AC:2012.
Mains disturbance EN50549-1, EN 50549-2, NBR 16149:2013, UL1741.
Grid detection IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2, IEC 62116, IEEE 1547.
Steps to install the inverter:
Step 1: Fasten the inverter to the photovoltaic panel support using the screws installed on the machine.
Step 2: Connect the positive and negative poles of the DC connection plugs of the photovoltaic module to the DC input terminals of the inverter.
Step 3: Open the waterproof cover of the inverter AC output port and connect the AC cable to the waterproof AC connector.
Step 4: Connect the AC output wire to the AC main wire;
Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 3 to install and connect all inverters;
Step 6: Connect the main AC cable to the grid to start your green energy journey.
Note: Before installing WVC series microinverter products, please read this manual first and pay attention to the installation details.
This manual contains important instructions that should be followed when installing and maintaining Kadant microinverters. To reduce
To reduce the risk of electric shock and to ensure safe installation and operation, always obey the following safety symbols throughout this document to indicate hazardous situations and important safety information.

Packing Included:
1 x Micro Inverter.
1 x English manual.
2 x accessory set (4 x screw, 4 x nut, 8 x accessories)

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