1400W Waterproof Grid Tie Inverter MPPT Pure Sine Wave Inverters

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Max input power : 4 x 350W.
Recommend the use of PV modules : 4 x 350W & Vmp > 31v,Voc < 50v.
Max input dc voltage :54v.
Peak power tracking voltage: 22-45v.
Operating votlage range: 17-50v.
Min/max starting voltage: 22-50v.
Max dc short-circuit: 80A.
Max input operating current: 58A.
Peak power output: 1400w.
Rated output power: 1350W.
Rated output current: 12.8A(110V).
Rated frequency range: 57-62.5HZ.
Rated voltage range: 80-160VAC.
Power factor: >99%.
Max unit per branch circuit: 3PCS(single-plase)-110V.
THD: <5%.
Waterproof rating: IP65.

LED Display:
1.Red light 3 second—Red LED light 3 second while device starts , then in working condition;
2.Green flash fast—MPPT searching;
3.Green flash slow—MPPT + searching;
4. Red flash slow—MPPT – searching;
5.Green lights on 3s and off 0.5s—MPPT locked;
6.Red light steady—
a. Islanding protection;
b.Over-temperature protection;
c.Over / low AC voltage protection;
d. Over / low DC voltage protection; e.Fault.

1 * user manual;
1 * 1400W inverter;
1 * AC Cable;
If you choose with LCD display,the US plug cable will include this, if not, then will not have.

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