1200W Power Inverter MPPT Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC 220V Micro Inverter(1200W/220V)

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MPPT Technology: Precise maximum power point tracking. MPPT algorithm can optimize the power collection from solar panels. It accurately captures and collects sunlight, and locks in the maximum output power points, significantly increasing over 25% of the power generation. With the monitoring system, it can help you monitor the power generation efficiency of the power station and reduce workforce expenses.
High Performance: Reverse power transmission. With efficient reverse power transmission technology, the power transmission rate up to 99.9%. Full digital control can be achieved by using intelligent soft switching technology and built-in MCU for charging modules; Introducing high-frequency switching power supply and SPWM control technology. It features strong anti-interference ability, fast calculation speed, a high degree of intelligence, high control precision, and excellent output waveform.
Protective & Reliable: IP65 waterproof design and aluminum alloy material can effectively prevent rainwater erosion on the surface. It provides electrical isolation, more reliable to use. It offers multiple protection functions, such as over-current protection, short circuit protection, low-voltage protection, over high voltage protection.
Easy Operation: Lightweight and easy to install, many inverters can be stacked arbitrarily to form a single-phase parallel stacking system. Almost no maintenance work is required, clean the dust on the photovoltaic panel occasionally.
Sustainable Use: This solar power grid-tie micro-inverter can convert DC power generated by solar panels into AC power. Our solar inverter provides sustainable energy and brings excellent environmental benefits.

Recommended input power: 1200W.
Recommend the use of PV modules: 4*300W/Vmp>34V/Voc98%.
Maximum units per branch circuit: 5PCS (Single-phase).
Static MPPT efficiency: 99.5%.
Maximum output efficiency: 92%.
Night time power consumption:
1200W MPPT Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC to AC 220V Micro Inverter.
Simplify Maintenance:
It can be mounted directly on components or brackets with compact light weight. As parallel installation, the micro inverter can be installed directly at a later stage without changing the previous configuration. It is simple whether installation or maintenance. Operation and maintenance costs low.
Designed to be small size and lightweight, effortless to use.

The package includs:
1 x 600W Grid Tie Inverter.
1 x Tee Connector.
1 x 1.5m Power Cable.
1 x Set of Mounting Accessories and 1 x Product Manual.

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